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100 years of female suffrage.

100 years ago today the Representation of the People Act meant some women could vote for the first time in Britain. After a long and determined battle, women were granted this right. But how far have we actually come since then? Here are 10 shocking facts about gender inequality now.

1) Women in Britain earn 10% less than men on average for the same job.

Imagine that, coming into the same office, doing the same hours, in the same conditions and then having a paycheck of much less.

2) On this note: in a lifetime, this accounts to around £305,000. So for a family of 4, this could buy you a house, pay for food for six years and then put their two children through university. All this with a little to spare for holiday money.

3) And on top of this, only 23% of our MPs are women in Britain.

4) Only seven bosses of the FTSE 100 are women. These are the 100 top businesses in the country. Even more shockingly, there are 17 called John.

5) Out of the 870 winners of Nobel prizes in history, only 48 have been women.

6) Looking worldwide, 62 million girls don’t have access to any education.

7) This means that 2/3 of the illiterate people in the world are women.

8) Even of those who are educated, 1/5 of women in universities in Britain and USA have said that they have experienced assault due to their gender.

9) And worldwide, this number spreads to 1/3 of the female population

10) Finally, even if you get an education, manage to survive on a lower wage or without assault; still, 50% of all women experience discrimination at work.

So yes, women have come pretty far since the bill was signed a century ago. But it is not over and there are still years of battling to go.

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