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15 thoughts we all have during college

Admit it… you’ve thought some of these!

1. Why must I always miss the bus by two seconds?


2. Is everyone staring at me or am I just paranoid?


3. Let’s hope this lesson is as good as the last one!


4. ….Looks like I jinxed it. When does this lesson end?

jinxed it

5. I hope no one brings up the homework.


6. This is lesson is actually quite interesting…

good as the

7. Wait, now I’m totally lost.


8. Will this even come up on the exam?


9. How long is it until exams, anyway?

when are exams

10. What should I get for lunch?

what to get for dinner

11. Should I get horrific food from the canteen or risk massive queues at the shops?


12. Well… that was a bad decision. This queue is horrendous.


13. Will anyone notice if I just take a nap now?

take a nap

14. Why don’t they have sleeping pods in college?

sleep 2

15. Can I get away with sleeping on the bus?

sleeping pods

If you’ve had any of these thoughts, or have any more to add, let us know on our Facebook page or our Twitter, @XplodeMag!

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