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The day in the life of a Journalist:

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The day in the life of a Journalist:

This is a day in the life of me! An Xplode Journalist!

Bolton’s food and drink festival is back! With so many amazing treats to take your fancy – I’m really loving the Churro’s and Alana Spencer’s flapjacks! Yummy!

I decided to take this up as an opportunity to show you the behind the scenes of everything that’s happening at Xplode HQ during this busy busy period. We all love food and I’m going to show you just what I’ve eaten and all the little celeb chef interviews I have so luckily been able to do.

At 9:30:

For the first time ever, I’ve been able to interview the well known celebrity chef – Simon Rimmer. Who kindly answered a few questions about his least favourite foods. His hangover cure for the older audience of our magazine and what he loves to eat whilst watching Netflix! (check this out on the Xplode YouTube page) It was an unreal and scary moment because I wasn’t originally supposed to do this interview. My own interview with James Martin is Monday – but it was lovely. It felt very professional. Even though we’re a group of young people, we were truly recognised as mature young adults and a serious organisation.

After this at about 11:

We decided to have a look at one of the tents with live performances of cooking demonstrations. Which proved to be a good choice. We met with the winner of Come Dine with Me, Polly. Who was happy to share her tips and tricks and how she came to loving cooking so much. We also got a small interview with her at the end and she nicely took pictures with our Xplode frame! Thank you Polly!

All day we have been tasting lovely freshly made foods such as:

  • The nicest Churros I have ever tasted – they literally were so soft and tasted phenomenal.

  • These noodles that came in the traditional Chinese boxes and they tasted superb. Just what we were all craving. I can’t wait to try the spring rolls!
  • This amazing stall that created a twist on the usual marshmallow. Many many different flavours. Beautiful!

The rest of the day:

We have had the opportunity to interview many people. Get behind the scenes at events. We are really really lucky to have gotten so much footage and interview opportunities.

I mean who would have known that a picture I took of Alana, The winner of ‘The Apprentice’, Would have been retweeted by Sir Alan Sugar himself. Very proud moment for me!

I was also lucky to have a great interview on Tower FM. Many thanks to our Chief Executive Saeed who luckily works for the company. Its been a great day and I can’t wait to see what the next two days entail. BRING IT ON!


Hope you enjoy this years #boltonfoodfest, we sure are. To keep up with what’s going on head over to our Instagram page and twitter – @xplodemag.


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