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3 Apps to Amp Up Your Instagram Game

I’m a huge Instagram addict, and I use apps to help improve my non-existent photography skills. Since I am not a professional photographer nor do I know how to use Adobe Photoshop, I use these apps to help me out so let me hit you up!


This photo-editing app really takes your photography to a whole new level. Without the complicated buttons of Adobe Photoshop, you could re-create photos similar to your favourite Instagram influencers just by using VSCO’s many templates.

My personal favourite template is F1 because it cools off any harsh tones in my photos especially the lighting.


If you are the kind of person that hesitates to post because you are afraid it will mess up your IG feed? Well, Planoly is a great app for you to plan your posts and to visualise what your Instagram feed will potentially look like.


Want to add beautiful quotes to your photos? Use Typorama! Or if you do not have a photo, this quote-making app has a wide range of photos you could use as a background for your quote.

These are my secret weapons to help me amp up my Instagram game. Comment down below other apps that help you with your Instagram photography; I would love to read them!  

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