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3 things to consider when house hunting

House hunting can be overwhelming especially when this is technically the first time most University students move out of their parents’ home. So, I would like to remind students three things we tend to overlook when going house hunting.

Check the heating efficiency rating

We tend to go for house viewings and immediately fall in love with the interior. Just a reminder to always check with the landlord what the heating efficiency rating is, if the grading is E and below, its best to look for another house.

Are utility bills included?  

Some landlords may give two rent prices; one with bills and the other without. And if you do choose the latter, landlords may put you or one of your roommates as the lead tenant for the utility company to contact.

This means that you will be in charge of collecting your roommates’ contributions and are responsible for paying the bills on time. Imagine you live with six others, and they always pay late. Now, you may want to reconsider the option of rent with all-inclusive bills!

Are washing machines & dryers installed in the accommodation?

This is crucial because some households may not have a dryer which means you may need to discuss with your housemates if you guys would want to share the cost of a dryer.  

I hope the above tips help, if you have more do comment down below I would love to read them! Also, don’t worry if you do not find accommodation/roommates straight away, there will still be houses up for sale even in June.

Good luck!

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