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3 Tips For Surviving Disorganised Uni Life

Going to university is a pretty big deal, and it can get overwhelming, especially once Freshers Week has passed. Assignments and social events start to pile up. Even worst, you see some of your friends coping, while you’re struggling. Well, don’t worry here are some tips to manage university life if you’re slightly disorganised.

Get An Online Calendar

An online calendar is way better than a physical one. It sends reminders to your phone for any upcoming events, and you can set them to suit your needs. For example, if you’re often late for things setting a reminder an hour before you need to be somewhere will make sure you get there on time and look like you’ve got your act together.

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I know I know, it is scientifically proven that we can’t watch YouTube videos and do assignments at the same time. But, you can do your uni work while waiting for your washing to finish. Trust me, do your laundry on a weekday and you won’t find a soul in the laundry room. You will be killing two birds with one stone. *

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Learn To Say No & Respect Your Own Time

I know sometimes there’s pressure for a weekend filled with partying, but if you know you need at least a Friday night to finish your uni work, then its best to not give in to the pressure and have a night in. Time is precious and true friends will respect that and might even join you in studying.

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University life can be overwhelming, with so many social events we want to be part of, and we also want to get the best grades. Take it one step at a time. Focus on one area you would like to improve such as time management and take it from there!

*No birds were harmed.

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