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4 Rules That Referees Have Forgotten

1. Six Second Rule

When a keeper is taking a goal kick, he is supposed to have six seconds to take it or he will be booked. This rule is never followed. Sometimes they are stood for thirty seconds before the ball is kicked and the referee will do nothing.

2. Shirt Pulling In the Box

Despite a big crackdown, it still goes unpunished. Referees seem to have forgotten all about the rule.

3. Penalties

When a player is taking a penalty, a goalkeeper is not supposed to be allowed to come off his line, but they do anyway. Some leap forward before they dive to gain an advantage and it is never punished.

4. Taking A Throw-in

You are supposed to take a throw in from where the ball went out. This never happens. Players stride forward five or six yards when the referee is not looking. A good way to get away with it is to walk backwards and do a run up but also go a bit further than you should have. It is rarely ever punished.


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