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5 Iconic Halloween Characters

*Disclaimer this article is for those aged 18 and over*

With Halloween just around the corner there is no better time to talk about the iconic characters that have followed us year after year. To get into the Halloween spirit lets remind ourselves just what makes Halloween so scary.

1. Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th

Back in the 1980’s no one in Camp Crystal Lake was safe from the torment of Jason Voorhees. We can’t talk about this Halloween classic without mentioning the gruesome death scenes. Not one for the faint hearted… I won’t even mention what happened to Alice Hardy in part 2…

2. Ghostface – Scream

Never before has getting a phone call been so scary. Ghostface is like many of us out there, massive fans of horror films. However, he is also the master of prank phone calls. So next time you get a call from an unknown number, make sure all the doors are locked…

3. Jigsaw – Saw

We all laugh at the amount of Saw movies, with another one having been released on the 26th of October, but secretly we love Jigsaw despite the fact we’re also slightly petrified of him. With his iconic quote “wanna play a game” sending a chill down our spine. His games are gruesome and quite often we end up not being able to sleep at night.

4. Michael Myers – Halloween

After an altercation with his sister and escaping the imprisonment of a mental institution, Michael’s victim list stretches to other family members and anyone who gets in his way. Starting at just the age of six Michael, is definitely the youngest amongst this list. Nevertheless another classic horror character who is forever on our mind.

5. Chucky – Child’s play

Ever wonder what your precious toys do after you leave the room? Well after watching Chucky you really wish you hadn’t. No one suspects that a doll is capable of committing a string of attacks,which makes the film so chilling. Of course no one knows the doll is possessed either….

There we have it, 5 iconic characters that visit our nightmares every Halloween. Just make sure that all the lights are on and the doors are locked and you’ll be fine…

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