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5 Instant Ways to Improve Your Health

We know it’s important to look after ourselves from eating right, to working out. There are so many different things that affect how healthy we are and we’ve created Xplode’s 5 tips to make your school, college, uni or work day, healthier.

Detox the air!

Usually, working every day in the same environment can trigger ‘occupational allergies’. These include things like being sensitive to chemicals in the carpet or even the furniture –  those things that trigger unusual rashes or headaches which could lead to stress. Apart from the physical things, the air inside whichever room you’re in, could damage your productivity. 

If you can, open a window or get a breath of fresh air or if you want to splash out, buy an air purifier for your personal space.


A clean, uncluttered desk will benefit your busy days more than a desk full of books, papers, food etc. A recommendation would be to plan a time every day where you clean your workspace, throw away clutter, wipe your keyboard and computer.  It’s been proven that desks contains as much a 400 times the number of bacteria as a toilet seat – my bottle of hand sanitiser is at the ready! Organise files and papers, as a clean workspace is a clean mind.

Get Physical!

We’re told that we need to do at least an hour of physical activity per day to make up for the negative impacts of sitting down for 8 hours. If your job or being at school, college or uni, consists of you sitting at a desk for hours then make that little effort to exercise when you can, walk or cycle to your destination, take the stairs and not the lift or walk in between when you can.

Treat your body!

Although sitting down all day might seem better than standing up all day, that could be harmful! Chairs or desks that are too high or low, screens that are too close, fair or bright can all create havoc on posture, this can leave you feeling stiff, sore and in pain by the end of the day. Focus on your posture throughout the day, this can be made easier by setting everything up in a comfortable position from the start rather than realising halfway through the day that you’re in pain.


It’s in so many people’s daily routines to have their cup of coffee but drinks with caffeine in e.g. coke, have the potential to damage your health. In replacement, try drinking green tea to develop your concentration, as it’s full of antioxidants, which boost mental performance without the damage of caffeine. Also, remember to stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of fluid per day.

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