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5 Tips for Managing Gym Embarrassment

I recently started getting more into weightlifting after years of just doing cardio and yo-yo dieting. The common thing I hear from other girls and guys getting into weightlifting is how terrifying the weights section is so here are my five tips for managing any embarrassment.

1) No one cares what you’re doing.
As harsh as this may sound, it’s true most people will be focusing on their own workouts.
2) If someone is obviously paying attention to what you’re doing 99% of the time, they are not judging your form. There are so many variations of exercises no one is going to assume to know them all.
3) If someone comes over and suggests a change, listen and give it a go. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. They won’t be angry they are just trying to help or start a conversation.
4) Any initial embarrassment is well worth it when you are at the point in your journey that you want to be.
5) If someone is looking at you and judging how you are doing an exercise, who cares you’re there to workout, so put your headphones in and get on with it.

Overall, just try to remember people are there to workout they aren’t interested in what you’re doing or judging you – so just try and focus on yourself and working out!

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