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5 top tips for applying to uni

1. Personal statement 

2. Choose the course first. The University second 

3. What sort of place do you want to study 

4. Have a look at other options 

5. Get it in early 


1. The personal statement

I was so worried about my personal statement. Yes, I have to admit it took me about 20 drafts until I was happy with it, but its seriously nothing to be concerned about. Begin by writing a list of all your achievements. Mention why you want to study the course and remember that most of the 4000 characters should be on the subject itself. I’d recommend handing a draft to anyone and everyone. Getting different opinions on it is very helpful and even if it’s only just changing a capital letter, you’re still making some improvements. 


2. Choose the course first and the university second

Most people think about which university they want to go to as a priority, but the course is often much more important. For example, studying English at one university may mean reading completely different books compared to studying English at a different university. You might also be assessed in different ways. Some coursemight be assignment heavy whilst others might focus on exams as the main assessment method. Make sure you read the course specification before you apply. 


3. But still, consider where you want to study

Do you fancy a city university like Manchester or LiverpoolOr a Campus university like Warwick or Loughborough? There are also college universities like Oxbridge and Durham. You’ll have to live here for the next few years, so make sure you pick the right university for you.

4. Have a look at some other options 

University isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of other options. Apprenticeships are often much better for vocational courses and sometimes even supply a degree afterwards. There are also Art Foundation courses and drama schools for the more creative. 


5. Get it in early

Applications are now open for 2019, so get it in early.

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