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6 Tips on Being a Morning Person

From reviving your skin to being fuelled up for your day, these tips will help you look and feel your best even on the worst of mornings.

Mornings are terrible, everyone knows that. You can never get up on time despite numerous alarms, and even when you do, you’re probably not even in a good mood. But here are 6 ways to make them a tiny bit better.

Eat breakfast

Odds are, you probably don’t fancy eating in the morning, but you really should. If you don’t mind taking time out for breakfast then why not cook yourself some eggs – they’re a great source of protein and will give you energy for your day ahead! If like me eating in the morning is a no go, then why not bake yourself some granola bars at the beginning of the week? This is a great way of having something yummy and healthy that you can pick for your commute.

Revive your face

Facial scrubs are so good, in a matter of seconds you can go from sleepy face to radiant. I love Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimizer, it’s a really gentle scrub that gently buffs skin and removes dead skin cells. Not only does it leave you with a glowing complexion but the scent is so good!

Say goodbye to dry skin

Make sure you always moisturise your body and face to banish the dry skin that winter brings. Moisturising your face will give you a glow before you’ve even applied makeup. There are so many different moisturisers from all different price ranges; I love Clarins daily energizer cream, it’s really light on your skin and makeup can be applied on top virtually straight away.

Pout it out

Bright lips can make a face come alive even when the rest of you is dead tired. By choosing a bright and fiery tone, you can wear simple makeup and let your lips pop with brightness. My go to lipstick is Kate Moss at Rimmel; there’s a range of bright tones and they’re cheap too, so you can buy loads plus the colour lasts for hours! When wearing a bold lip, even out your skin tone with something like a tinted moisturiser and a dash of blush to keep it all about the pout.


We all know water can perk up our skin but it’s not exactly the most exciting drink! So why not infuse your water bottle drink with fresh fruit for a hint of flavour? Go simple with lemon or maybe add summer berries for a fruitier taste. For a more exotic taste add a few apple chunks and a pinch of cinnamon to your drink, this is great as apples are rich in vitamin C and the flavours are really festive.

Look awake, feel awake

A great way of feeling more awake is looking more awake. Curl your lashes and try out a brow gel, add a touch of concealer to underneath your eyes and a dash of highlighter to brighten up your face. You’re bound to feel more awake after this.

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