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6 Ways To Make The Most Of The Summer

We’re halfway through summer, which means barely three weeks left to enjoy before being thrown back into the education system. This time you promised yourself, you wouldn’t let it slip away. But the pull of Netflix and the sofa was too strong, and suddenly the days started disappearing before you could live them.

So how do you climb out of this black hole you’ve fallen into?

1. Actually Get Up

“But holidays are meant for sleeping!” The unavoidable temptation to just stay in bed is difficult to ignore, but you’d be surprised at the number of things you can do before lunchtime if you get up at nine. Staying asleep until late afternoon is probably one of the reasons the days are going so quickly. If you really are desperate for eleven hours of beauty sleep, try going to bed earlier.

2. Don’t Let The Dirt Build Up

In other words, shower every day. Get changed, brush your hair, put on makeup if you wear it. Even if you’re not going anywhere, dressing like you are will wake you up and you might spontaneously decide to leave the house.

3. Eat Proper Meals

Stop snacking on crisps and actually prepare food. Don’t eat a piece of bread for lunch and a microwave curry for dinner, it’s not doing wonders for your health. You’ll find that you’re in a much better mood with a tasty meal in front of you.

4. Stay Busy

Chances are you’ve got more friends than you think. At least one of them will be free to do something with you, whether it’s going out properly or staying in and watching films. You’ll benefit from the company.

5. Don’t Put Things Off

If you’ve got work to do over the holidays, do it early. You’ll probably think, “I’ve got weeks to do this” and leave it, but that’s a recipe for forgetting. By the end of those precious weeks, you’ll be hating your past self for putting it off for so long.

6. Stop Worrying

If you’re counting down the days you’ve got left, they’ll pass faster. Ignore the date and try to enjoy the present moment instead of worrying about the future. And if you’ve got an important Results Day during the holidays, there’s no point in stressing. It won’t change your scores, unfortunately.

So, give these things a go. The holidays will end eventually, but you may as well stretch them out for as long as possible.

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