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My four day trip to Amsterdam…

My four day trip to Amsterdam…

Amsterdam… the trip of a lifetime.

I used to dream of visiting so many places when I was young. So, me and my friend decided to have a spontaneous trip. Welcome to Amsterdam. Normally every year me and my family visit Tenerife; so to have a dream of going to Amsterdam and then it coming true was such a fast and exciting process at 17! We booked tickets for the April in January and the time flew by. With mock exams out of the way it was a perfect opportunity. We’ve never stayed in another country on our own before and the experience was breath-taking.

Hotel Espresso was a lovely small hotel just outside the centre of Amsterdam. I’m so so happy that we stayed there! Everything from the furniture to all the free coffee made the atmosphere more enjoyable. The staff who spoke English and Dutch gave us so many tips on where to go and what to do. Making it super easy for us to plan out our trip successfully!

(some images down below of my experience)

We were about 10 minutes out of the City centre which was exceptionally amazing as it suited our needs just fine. We took the local tram pretty much everyday, giving us a chance to see the city come to life as a passer-by. Me and J were pretty much surprised at the weather – we thought it was going to be chilly due to the time of year, but it was actually kinda mild air, meaning that there was a breeze. But the weather picked up and we had two hot days to enjoy.

Amsterdam is by far one of my favourite places. The expectations vs reality were certainly over exceeding! I just love how it’s a place where you can walk and walk without wanting to have a break… enjoying the little canal cafes, sightseeing at the Anne Frank House and taking a look in the little independently owned shops that are hidden in little side streets!

What excited me the most was shopping for all the tiny souvenirs. Even though I only had a small hand luggage bag! Ha!

My favourite little essential I wanted to buy were a set of small clogs. With them being the traditional little splendour of the city and they would just look great on my keys. Love the little things in life. I loved how shops had little cafes attached so after looking around you can enjoy the worlds best Dutch pancakes!

The last main part of our little adventure this year

We visited this marvellous little park (Vondelpark)…

The bike riding was one of the main memories I’ll remember from my trip. It felt great to live like a local and take in the world that they do every day. That’s the main reason I wanted to visit such as small but massive city! I truly love the city.

My experience here came from my love of “The Fault in our Stars” (written by John Green). Which is one of my absolute fave books and I mean faveeeee. The city is how I expected it to be in the book and the film. But of course I visited all the places that matched the theme of the book and the film… the bench, Anne Frank’s house and of course Peter Van Houten’s house was a great first day look out. However, Oranjee was the one place I didn’t get to visit. But on the other hand it gives me another opportunity to visit such an elegant and beautiful city!!!!




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