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And we’re back: all you need to know at the beginning of the new Premier League Season. 

Even though it feels as if football hasn’t been away for that long this summer, Friday night showed the start of the 2018/19 Season. As usual, a new season means new teams, new rules and a whole lot of new drama. With Wolverhampton, Cardiff City and Fulham joining us this year, here are five new rules we all need to know before we properly get going.

  1.  No more shouting or stropping from the coaching team: managers can now be sanctioned where four warnings in the season will lead to a match ban, eight warnings is a two-match ban, and twelve would be three.
  2. But it’s not all bad: the coaching staff can now use iPads and cameras to analyse the team during the match.
  3. No more extra time: the League Cup will go straight to nervy penalties after 90 minutes.
  4. The dreaded VAR: We all remember those frustrating VAR decisions in the world cup. While it won’t be used in the Premier League, it will now be used in all FA Cup and League Cup games.
  5. No more transfers: As you might have already realised, the transfer window has already ended, before the season has even begun.

Now you’re ready for the nerves, laughs and tears of the new season. Prepare for 380 games, 35,000 minutes and the one winner.

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