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Are We Ever ‘Good Enough’?

Will we ever be able to live up to the expectations that are so naturally set in this society which we have foolishly built?

Everywhere you turn, there’s a time set, a clock ticking with a new trend set which you are expected to follow otherwise you may as well say locked up indoors. Indoors. In your mind. In that craze that if you chose to show, you’ll be labelled, maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get ‘anxiety’, maybe ‘depression’, but maybe one day the definitions will change and mean more. But we cannot depend on such a change of definitions that will appeal more to our world, so we have to soldier on and fight the stigma.

I wonder, is it so natural to want to be different anymore? Is it so natural that 1 in 4 of us will at some point in our lives be labelled ‘weird’ or ‘not normal’ because we don’t feel accepted, appreciated in such a world? Is It so natural that society has built this path where mental illness has grown and stemmed and it is not just caused by an abrupt change in the chemicals in our brains but by the continuous damage of expectations, the continuous damage of reality and the explosion when streets are paved with stones of realism? What happened to gold?

How long is this going to last? Because the four walls I was once stuck in-between may not have been visible to me if fear wasn’t the first word in my mind.

Here’s one last question for you to think about…

If the Oxford dictionary fails you on the standard definition of ‘life’, does it mean you should use it as an opportunity to surrender or should you use whatever you have in you, whether it is a mental or physical illness, to redefine the meaning of life?

If the definition of “good enough” isn’t even “good enough” within itself, then maybe we should create our own definition?

I’m just saying, maybe it is time we stepped out of the definitions and show the world what we are dealing with, without any stigma attached.

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