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The best things about Autumn

Autumn is finally here! It’s definitely one of my favourite seasons. Being able to take those Instagram shots of the vibrant scenery makes the colder weather worth it.This season is one of the best, not to forget it is near to Christmas! Here are a few tips to enjoy the season.

Enjoy the fresh outdoor air

Don’t let the chill stop you from going out. The breeze that brushes past your face, is so refreshing and perfect for a relaxing walk. Take a trip down memory lane, go to your local park and go exploring! Just think about the most awesome pictures you could take too!

Keep Warm

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to dig out your hoodies, sweaters and not forgetting boots! The best time to snuggle up in an oversized sweater, by the fire,  what could possibly be better than this! Some people definitely think one layer is enough, but honest you’re going to need a lot more layers!

Family Time

Get some quality time with the family by watching the new releases of movies and series on Netflix. There’s nothing better than spending time with the family. What good is the movie without popcorn? I would definitely say Sweet Popcorn brings the best out of me if you’re lucky you might be allowed to open the Christmas treats early!

These are the main things I think make autumn great.


So what is your favourite thing to do in autumn?

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Your favourite thing to do in Autumn.

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