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Can anyone stop Man City?

Manchester City are having the best start to a premier league season ever. They’ve won all games but one in the league. Pep Guardiola’s side have been ripping the whole league to shreds with their high-intensity style of play. They’re now sat at the top of the table with 34 points. No other team in the top 6 seem to be near their level; but can anybody catch them and who would that be?

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Manchester United seem the most likely candidate to catch City. They are second at the minute and have the most clean sheets, despite also scoring the second most goals. They were in a good position after they clinched a 1-0 win against Spurs, but after losing to Chelsea and having already failing to beat Liverpool, where City managed to beat both. A big gap has been left between them and the top, but they are still the closest.

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Tottenham came into the season expecting big things after nearly winning the league twice in a row, but bottling it both times. Beating Real Madrid 3-1 in the champions league was a big show of power, they smashed Liverpool 4-1, they were looking very strong. That was until the North London derby where they were dominated by Arsenal and lost 2-0. That will of been a massive blow to Spurs’ confidence and their hopes of the title.

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The defending champions Chelsea got off to a terrible start this year after a 3-2 loss to Burnley. Since then they have picked up a bit of momentum winning several games against smaller teams and beating United. But they did still lose to City and got smashed by Roma 3-0 in Europe, they don’t seem as strong as last season. However, they are still third in the table and could pose a threat to City.

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This year Liverpool were hoping for a similar start to last season, but unfortunately for them, that hasn’t come. Failing to beat several smaller teams in the league they have dropped a lot of points and getting smashed by City and Spurs was a big blow to their confidence. They are vulnerable at the back but are scoring for fun at the other end. Liverpool are picking up some momentum but their defensive frailties will let them down in the title race.

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Arsenal decided to keep Arsene Wenger as their manager despite the fans “Wenger Out” campaign. So far Arsenal have played good football but after the questionable decision to drop their new £60 million Lacazette, against both Liverpool and City. Games they lost. However, after winning the North London derby this could be a turning point in their season, and their title charge.

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Overall City are not completely safe at the top. They have struggled in the busy winter months in other seasons, however, if they carry on playing the way they have little could stand in their way. Chelsea and United prove the most threatening but if any of the other top 6 get into a huge swing of form you never know what could happen. Burnley are sitting only 4 points behind 2nd at the minute and however unlikely that would be, memories of Leicester come flooding back.

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