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Cheap Food Places in London

As I’m from London it was quite a change arriving in Preston where I’m now studying, most people have been to London at some point, so here are my top 5 places for good priced food in London.

1) wasabi – Japanese food at a decent price get a big bowl of curry with rice or noodles for under £5 or you can get sushi and cold boxes for similar prices.

2) Kimchee  – Korean food, very similar to Wasabi although not as much food, both hot or cold for around £5.

3) Costa- mostly coffee, but do some good sandwich options for around £5. My personal favourite is the   halloumi and pepper focaccia.

4) Greenwich Market – Lots of market stalls with loads of different foods from sushi, curry, tempura, vegan cakes, Mexican food. Food prices can range from £5-10 depending on which stalls you go to

5) China Town – similar to the one in Manchester look around a bit lots of places offer filling up a takeaway box for around £5 and there are lots of places to eat it after

London gets a pretty bad reputation for being expensive but these places can keep the price down a bit!

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