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10 cheesy songs that were played at every primary school disco!

Whichever school you went to, every school had a certain classic 90s and 00s playlist of pop anthems that were played at school discos and danced very badly to. Here are some of the cheesiest songs will definitely take you back.

1. Macerena-Los Del Rio.

Everyone enjoyed dancing to this song but, the only parts you could sing along to was the ‘ehhhhh macarena’ bit.

2. Cha-Cha Slide-Mr C the Slide Man.

A line was automatically formed when this song came on, where everyone on the dance floor was ready to listen out for the dance instructions.

3. Uptown girl-Westlife.

This was a classic song to sing along to.

4. The Ketchup song-Las Ketchup

The few lucky kids who had be abroad usually knew the words to this song and were ready to show off their knowledge to anyone who was listening.

5. 5,6,7,8-Steps.

If anyone knew the routine to this song you would be impressed.

6. Barbie girl-Aqua.

You may have often thought you were too cool to be singing along, but you still knew every single word to this song.

7. Mambo No 5-Lou Bega.

Nobody ever got the order of the names correct but at least you knew there was a ‘Jessica’ in there somewhere.

8. Gina G-Ooh Aah Just a little bit.

Even though the lyrics were super simple, this song was still a favourite.

9. The Superman party song.

This was one of those songs that would be played later in the night when the disco is about to end at around 8pm.

10. The Pizza Hut Song-Fast food rockers.

This song was so catchy and it was so much fun trying to do the actions alongside the song.

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