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Christmas countdown!!

The countdown has begun and now’s the time for some fun!

Join me in my Christmas countdown, until Santa comes to town!



Wednesday 12th December

Ho Ho Ho, only 13 days to go,

Get writing that Christmas list!!


Thursday 13th December

Plan a nice Christmas Day,

With family and friends along the way!!


Friday 14th December

Still in School, College or Work,

It won’t get you down if you stick to teamwork!!


Saturday 15th December

While the weather is getting dark and chilly,

Wrap up warm and don’t be silly!!


Sunday 16th December

Think about the homeless for today,

Give them some change, it will make their day!!


Monday 17th December 

Make sure all your presents are wrapped up,

Don’t forget to keep a back up!!


Tuesday 18th December 

Christmas bells are ringing,

And everybody is singing!!


Wednesday 19th December

Why stay in and watch a movie?

Get up, go out and have a boogie!!


Thursday 20th December 

Caring and sharing with family and friends,

May your best wishes never end!!


Friday 21st December 

Lots of presents all under the tree,

All nicely wrapped with sparkle and glee!!


Saturday 22nd December

Make sure you get some Mistletoe,

We might even see some snow!!


Sunday 23rd December 

Take the time out today,

To visit friends and family, before Christmas Day!!


Monday 24th December 

Don’t forget to leave Santa a treat,

A bottle of beer or something sweet!!


Tuesday 25th December 

Merry Christmas!

I Hope you have a lovely day spending time with family and friends!!

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