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Conceal Them Undereyes!

Step 1: Prep and Prime.

You NEED to take care of your under eyes are they are delicate, maintaining your levels of hydration will smoothen your undereye area making it less prone to creasing. Using an eye cream before you sleep and before you put on your makeup helps, also a light hydrating eye cream during the hotter months.


Step 2: Choose a concealer that’s right for you.

After your moisturiser is fully absorbed, it’s time for concealer. Look for a light formula as they are less likely to crease, light reflective, slightly lighter than your skin tone to create the vision that your eyes are more awake. A product with soft peachy undertones can balance dark circles.


Step 3: Application.

It’s recommended to apply your concealer in small dashes out from the inner corner of the eye. Then, either using your ring finger, as it’s the most gentle, or a blending sponge, smoothen the concealer out in gentle taps or dabs to avoid streaky lines. Also, if you have oily skin or your make up tends to come off quickly throughout the day, set the concealer with translucent powder but not too much as the finish could be cakey.


Step 4: Other Primers.

If your eyes are prone to creases, try switching your morning eye cream to eyeshadow primer as too much setting powder can end up increasing the sight of fine lines. Using the eyeshadow primer as a base before using concealer doesn’t only help the product stay in place but leaves a velvety finish which appears useful and fresh.

Step 5: Still not staying still?

Different things work for different people, if your concealer is still travelling, put away the wand and use a cream as a replacement. Using more layers of concealer will leave your undereyes looking cakey and enhances your eye bags. Instead, dab some moisturiser on the edges of your undereye and blend towards your nose revitalizing the formula without adding more product.

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