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Why ‘The Defenders’ needs to be on your TV watchlist

Marvel have recently revealed that they will be releasing their new show ‘The Defenders’ on the 18th of August. The show will be available on Netflix and after the immense success of the other Marvel superhero shows this series is bound to be great.

So why is everybody expecting so much from The Defenders?

Well after the success of Luke Cage, (which received 96% from ‘Rotten Tomatoes’) Jessica Jones, (which received 92% from ‘Rotten Tomatoes’) Iron fist (which received a 7.1/10 from IMDB) and Daredevil (which received 98% from ‘Rotten Tomatoes’) it is hard to see why a show which so much potential could fail. Marvel’s latest series, Iron fist, was not received by viewers as well as the other three superhero series and with Marvel and Netflix looking to come back bigger and better than ever the show could turn out to be their best superhero series ever.

What do we know about the show?

Well, the trailer gave us quite a detailed insight on what we should expect next season including the familiar faces of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Danny Rand (the Iron fist) all teaming up to face the terrors in New York as a dysfunctional but powerful team. The trailer also revealed the main protagonist to be Alexandra played by Sigourney Weaver. Now although we haven’t got much insight on Alexandra we know the mysterious, villainous group that goes by the name of ‘The Hand’ who appeared mainly in Daredevil and Iron fist will make an introduction in Marvel’s new series along with the even more mysterious Madam Gao. The trailer also made it known that we will meet some of our favourite supporting characters such as Stick, Claire, Elektra, Foggy and the man everybody loves to hate, The Punisher played by Joe Bernthal.

Positive reviews

The show has already received some positive reviews for example ‘The Washington Post’ described it to be “The marvel team up you hoped for” and ‘Variety’ saying the defenders was “significantly better than the last offering from the comic-book factory’s ongoing collaboration with Netflix”. Also with the show having the great chemistry between action and comedy as seen in the trailer it looks like the show could have us laughing while on the edge of our seats.

So on the whole, you definitely won’t want to be giving this series a miss as ‘The defenders’ looks to be shaping up as one of, if not the best Marvel show to date, and although DC has been running the TV scene for a while and overshadowing the shows on Marvel it looks as if Marvel is coming back with a bang and is ready to overtake DC in the superhero TV series ladder.

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