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Walk Through Christian Dior’s Designs

As a lover of all things fashion, I jumped at the chance to go to the V&A museum in London and explore the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition. Costing only £24 per entry, and £19 for students it’s not bad at all considering all of the gorgeous rooms you go through as part of the exhibition.

As I entered each room my jaw dropped further each time, I was stunned by the detail and structure on each and every piece. With work from 1947 all the way until the present day, you see how the styles changed as you proceed through the exhibition. There are pieces of work by all sorts of people, from Princess Margaret to Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna.

Each of the rooms had a new theme as they moved through time and each one was different from the last. From futuristic set ups to ballroom-esque dancefloors each had a different feel but all were equally amazing!

A piece that I was particularly in awe of was the one pictured above, it was a clear standout and clearly had a lot of time spent on it. The detailing was incredible and the design was unique and unlike even the other pieces. The design seemed to intertwine parts from a few of the previous rooms and created a stunning dress.

I also found the all white room very intriguing as it showed the basics of all different pieces, it showed them stripped down and you can see the process in which different dresses came through. It shows the ‘underneath’ of the garments and you can still appreciate them without the delicate decoration and luxurious fabrics.

After viewing the exhibition I looked around the museum, which you can look around for free. It is amazing and going to the V&A was a great experience for me and I couldn’t recommend it enough! It closes September 1.

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