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How Dangerous is Pollution to our Health?

Nowadays the majority of the population lives in urban areas, where there is more pollution compared to the countryside. For example, cars, factories, and aeroplanes can all release harmful emissions which can affect the well-being of even the healthiest people.

Air Pollution:

From forest fires to industrial activities, there are many particles and chemicals in the air that can cause illness. High levels of air pollution can cause lung and breathing illnesses. Particularly Sulfur Dioxide can cause irritation to the eyes and nose. And can eventually cause anxiety and damage to the nervous system in the long-term. (

Water Pollution:

Chemical’s from factories and fertilisers can all have effects on the purity of water.  High levels of fertilisers that have been washed away from fields often end up in our water sources. As a result, this can cause the growth and spread of diseases that thrive off of the fertilisers. These effects can also harm sea life, which can have a huge effect on use. As most humans eat multiple meals containing sea life in their lives, the chemicals can build up within us causing nervous system damage, liver issues and even cancer. (

Land Pollution:

Soil pollution can be caused by the overuse of chemical fertilisers. The toxic chemicals can seep into the soil into vegetables and plants. And over time they can lead to potentially fatal illnesses. Similarly, in areas of lots of litter, landfills are forced to take most of it in. Afterwards, most landfills end up burning the trash leading to further air pollution. Even if they recycle some materials, the process still releases harmful chemicals into the air we breathe.

If we’re going to live off of the Earth’s resources, we need to be careful of what effect we have on the environment. We like to think that our actions only affect the next person, the next species or the next generation. But we don’t realise that what we put out is what’s going to come back to affect us in a cruel twist of fate.

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