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Why February should be your new January

January is the month where we make dozens of promises to ourselves for self-improvement and for making this our year. But if you’re at school or university you will know it as the dreaded month of exams – the exams that loomed over you all through the Christmas holidays and as you rang in the New Year.

It is the worst month. Whilst the media surrounds you with ways to improve your diet, exercise more regularly and be a better you, all you can think about is passing that dreaded English exam and getting all the reading done in time. Junk food makes this process much more bearable – so the new ‘healthy you’ goes out the window. You want to start a new sport and socialise more, but it’s next to impossible to do so when you’re filled with guilt doing anything not exam-related.

When exams are over, however, you’re filled with a sense of freedom and time to try and work towards all those New Year’s resolutions you put on the back burner during January.

February is the month to do all those things. The days begin to get longer, the weather less bleak, so everything generally starts to look brighter, and you begin to feel more motivated to try new things.

For those that are single, Valentine’s Day may have felt like a big hurdle to overcome midway through this altogether better month, but if you’re truly working on improving yourself, February 14th will have appeared as more of an opportunity to embrace your independence rather than seeing yourself as lonely and unfulfilled. Also, let’s face it, it’s all a money making scam invented by Hallmark, so if anything, singletons saved money!

Mid-term papers may be around the corner in March but the Easter holidays are just over a month away. But in the meantime, make February your month, where you begin to work towards a year filled with new hobbies, discoveries, and maybe you shall feel like you’re onto something good!

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