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Festival Fashion

Coachella has been and gone which means it’s officially festival season and festival outfits are getting more outgoing each year. Festivals are a place where you can express yourself and ‘go crazy’ with your outfit, and no one could care less.

With names like Kylie Jenner Instagramming the whole experience and every one of her crazy ever-changing hairstyles and outfits, festival outfits are everywhere at the moment.

With festival outfits all over the media, designers and clothing brands, including Pretty Little Thing have started doing festival edits which have been very popular.

Soon everyone will have tried the popular trend! It can be interpreted however you want, some people go completely crazy, where some stay neutral in black or white, others opt for a much more boho style.

There are still many more festivals to come this year, and that means more crazy and unique outfits!

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