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Every Person You’ll Meet on a flight this Summer!

I absolutely hate flying alone and I had to do just that recently. The flight from Manchester to Madrid gave me a lot of time to observe and people watch and it’s absolutely hilarious as to the types of people that get on planes!

The Benidorm Family

You know, the REALLY loud ones who seem to have a rebel teenager, a dad who doesn’t care and a mum that just wants to sleep. And then you’ve got the the grandma that’s trying to keep the family in check.


Crying babies

Seriously, shush!! You can imagine this conversation can’t you? “Obama: Ma’am, your baby is too loud.”

Those that clap at the end

Like seriously, what ARE you doing? If you’ve had a difficult flight and the pilot does well getting you to your destination, fine, clap! What even is Ryanair’s little chant at the end, too?! It’s almost like saying ‘waheeeeey we got you here, you didn’t die – we’re surprised!’


STOP. Remove your hand from the back of his head, I can hear you kissing 6 rows away. I feel sorry for the third wheel who’s probably just looking out of the tiny window. It’s often those couples on their first holiday together and you can tell because those who’ve been in a relationship for a while, are civil.


The kick off couple

There’s one on EVERY flight! Why are you even together?

The overly nice air hostess

Normally they seem quite high and mighty but you always get the one who’s just so friendly! The one who asks you how you are when you board the aircraft. They then turn into the one who keeps asking you to buy a scratch card.

Those that think they’re god’s gift

Do not get up and go to the toilet when the seatbelt sign is on, what on earth are you doing??

The captain that tries to be cool

Don’t they always seem to be quite posh too! All they do are dad jokes, LOL.


The hilarious old people who turn up late for the flight

‘COME ON JANICE, HE’S JUST SAID HE’LL GO IF WE’RE NOT ON’ – you just hope they don’t have a heart attack whilst running!

The ones drinking too much

Is it just me or has there been so many more flights having emergency landings to take drunk people off? Just throw em’ out mid-air!

Stag do or hen night squads

You can’t help but let them off because it only happens once! Unless you’re in the UK, where people get married on average 2.3 times. Chances are, they’ll be flying EasyJet.

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