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GBBO Facts You Never Knew

This year saw the controversial decision to move The Great British Bake Off from BBC to Channel 4. The show has certainly captured the hearts of British households over the past 7
years but just how well do you really know the show? Here’s a list of facts to give you some food for thought ahead of the final!

It was Mel who suggested having Mary Berry on the show. Paul Hollywood however, had to audition.

To avoid any complaints about the oven temperature, a Victoria sponge is cooked in each oven every single day before filming.

Contestants must first endure a long application process including a psychological interview to ensure they can handle the pressures of 16 hours of filming a day. 2016’s contestant
Selasi must have passed with flying colours. How was he always so chilled?!

Filming takes place on weekends allowing contestants to continue with their jobs during the week.

Bakers must not have any professional catering experience in the previous 10 years.

Nothing can be put into the oven or removed without it being filmed. Imagine if they’d missed the moment Series 2 winner Rob dropped his three-tier genoise sponge on the floor.

Home economists are employed to hand wash dishes as using a dishwasher would be too noisy during filming. Imagine just how many dishes they have to wash!

Contestants have to fund their own ingredients. It’s only once they reach the final that ingredients are provided.

Bakers must wear the exact same clothes during the filming of each episode which could mean wearing the same outfit for 2 or 3 days!

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