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Get Your 2019 Started Off Right!

Feeling blue this January? Follow these three steps to get your year off to a good start!

1.    Set some goals. You could call these ‘resolutions’, but often, we stick to these for a few weeks before they go out of the window, until we wheel them back out for the following year. Instead, having a goal-orientated task with a fixed time scale will make you more likely to stick to it.

2.    Add some routine to your life. This doesn’t mean having a strict, school-like timetable. Perhaps just factoring in set days where you will go to the gym. Or dedicate certain afternoons to revise different subjects. Of course, don’t forget to have a day of free time where you can socialise or do something good for yourself. Not only will having some structure to your life make you feel more organised, but soon, the routine will become a habit.

3.    Get organised. There’s no better way to start afresh than to have a fresh environment; literally ‘wiping the slate clean’. Sort out your belongings, donating things which are still in good condition and throwing out the junk. Then, appreciate this newfound space by reorganising areas which used to be crammed, allowing you to see everything clearly. If you can see something, this should also motivate you to do the work associated with it!

There you have it- three simple ideas, yet each creating such a positive impact. Why not give it a try and notice the results?

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