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Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem

On the 6th of October U.K, grime/rap artist Nathaniel Thompson better known as ‘Giggs’ dropped his latest mixtape ‘Wamp 2 dem’.

The mixtape, containing 13 songs, features some big names in the music industry including ‘2 Chainz’, ‘Donae’o’, ‘Young Thug’ and ‘Dave’.

Giggs’ new mixtape has received nothing but love from critics and fans all over. The mixtape has already made numerous sales worldwide largely due to the fact of it being advertised everywhere from his Instagram to Spotify billboards around London.

In a recent interview with ‘Beats 1’ Giggs explained that this mixtape was a “message to critics of U.K rappers”. The mixtape is a response to some of the negative feedback he received while working on the album ‘More life’ with American rapper Drake (which in my opinion was great). Giggs also added that Drake isn’t featuring on this mixtape (which is what many fans were eager for) because he has already done a track with him and doesn’t want to “milk it.”

In my opinion, I believe this album is another amazing piece of work from Giggs. Almost all the songs have ended up in my playlist, and I’m sure some of them will end up in yours! If you don’t know where to start, I suggest listening to ‘Linguo’ and ’50 Cali’ as those are my personal favourites.

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