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How YOU can have your say!!

Too often, young people forget that you have the power to influence the decisions made by our government. This article will explain just a couple of ways that you can voice your opinions and shape your local area to be the best possible for you.

Contact your MP

Your MP is supposed to represent you on all of the issues that you find important, yet if they never hear from young people, they will not be able to share your views to Parliament. You can email them about anything, ranging from small local issues such as wanting your local skate park to be invested in, to larger issues, such as for schools to receive greater funding. Your MP will reply to you and remember your comments and concerns when representing your community in Parliament. Therefore, taking just 5 minutes out of your day to send an email has a much bigger impact than you would imagine.

Campaign about topics you are passionate about

Whatever is important to you, you should be able to share it. Try and find other like-minded people or join an existing group. Campaigning means that you can transform the way governments think about issues and even make friends doing it!

Vote in elections

In the 2015 election, only 43% of people aged 18- 24 voted. By voting, you can have your say in who runs Britain. If more young people voted, parties would have to change their policies to suit young people rather than other age groups that have a higher voter turnout.

Join the Youth Council or Youth Parliament

The Youth Parliament is where 11-18-year-old elect their peers to represent them on issues they care about. The Youth Parliament have recently campaigned on reducing the voting age to 16 and are working on initiatives to tackle racism. The Youth Council are a collection of elected individuals who influence change in their local areas. By joining one of these groups, it helps to ensure that your voice will be heard and you will be making decisions that affect young people nationally.

Try at least one of these ways because YOUR voices are important and deserve to be heard. Have your say today!

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