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Instagram Worthy Desserts in Brussels

What do you think Brussels is known for? Yes, Waffles! I love waffles, and I could eat them both for breakfast and as a dessert but of course, there are other desserts to try. So here are four dessert places you need to go to if you ever visit Brussels.

Maison Dandoy 

Maison Dandoy serve their waffles in a simple yet delicious way. Just waffles generously showered with white icing sugar just like the snow Europe is experiencing.


Pierre Marcolini 

Branded as luxury chocolate and known for their chocolate bonbons, in-store they also sell a range of eclairs and cakes. My personal favourite is the Oviedo Single only costing about €5.50. It consists of hazelnuts, chocolate goodness and lemon zest that just balances the entire flavour. Definitely worth a visit.



This luxurious patisserie’s price range may blow your budget off course slightly, but hey if you want an afternoon tea that will blow your taste buds away then try Wittamer. They’ve got a tea room, and you can order their tea sets from €22.00.


Have I missed out any delicious desserts that are a must-try? Comment down below; I would love to read all about them and maybe include it in my next trip’s itinerary when I revisit Brussels!


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