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Instagram worthy desserts in Manchester Northern Quarter

Black milk 

Black Milk, located a tad bit further up north of the Northern Quarter, serves delicious waffles such as salted caramel and oreo. They are also known for their ridiculous cheesecake milkshake!



Creams is so good because it caters to every sweet tooth’s cravings from sundaes, bubble pop waffles to puddings. You even get to invent your own dessert!


Bonbon Chocolate Boutique 

A really eccentric and small boutique located at the corner of John street. The boutique is too small to host a large group of six and more friends, but I’d recommend you try their artisan chocolate bonbons their vegan salted caramel ones are my fave!


Sugar Junction 

Sugar Junction known for their Afternoon Tea sets that takes you back to the 19th Century where beautiful cutleries were used including the classic scones.  


There are many thrift shops, art stores and music stores scattered across Northern Quarter. A great place to explore with friends. Comment down below if you have a favourite cafe in the Northern Quarter that deserves a spot!

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