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Instagram Worthy Places In London

I am obsessed with Instagram, and I love taking photos that are really pretty. It is all about the aesthetics so here are some places in London to get those Instagram worthy shots!

Borough Market

Borough Market is located next to the London Bridge. You could go for a quick bite to eat or grab some coffee after exploring the area.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

For those Instagram feeds that are a tad bit more girly with tons of pastel colours, this café will be a great addition to your collection! The café was opened by Peggy Porschen, who is an award-winning cake designer! If you decide to have a cup of tea, don’t forget that the cakes are instagrammable too!

God’s Own Junkyard

Now, if the girly theme just isn’t working out for you and you have more of an edgy Instagram feed, then you should check out God’s Own Junkyard. This wonderland is filled with psychedelic neon lights perfect for creating a retro-themed Instagram feed.

Sky Garden

If your Instagram feed is filled with modern architecture in different forms of geometry, then the Sky Garden is for you. It looks like an airport lounge but with a huge sky view that is worth taking a photo of especially when there is sunlight or even during twilight hours.

I’m sure this blog post does not give the city of London justice since there are so many places to explore and take way more Instagram worthy shots! Comment down below where else you think in London is instragrammable, I would love to check them out too!

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