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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus review

So the iPhone 8 was released for sale this week and to say that the turn out was underwhelming is an understatment. For example in Australia at many Apple stores around a dozen people waited in line with most people waiting in the comfort of their own home and bought the sideshow phone online. A reason for this is largely due to the awaited release of the iPhone X.So I decided since most people know about the iPhone X, I decided to give my analysis on the iPhone 8


The iPhone 8 is basically the iPhone 6 reinvented despite Apples claims that it has an all new design. The only major difference is the glass back and that the 8 will fit perfectly into the 7 and 7 plus case perfectly. Although the glass back is heavier than the original aluminium on the previous models, the increased weight makes the phone easier to hold.Apple claims the glass is stronger than ever but you will most likely case with users already reporting scratches on the glass just by putting the phone in their pocket but the real fun will start when millions of people start dropping these things.Gold, silver and cream are the three colours that the phone comes in and the general consensus is that the colours are nice but the loss of the rose gold is worse. Overall the iPhone 8 is the iPhone 6 with a few extra uprgrades and new colours however, if your not to fussed about your phone the samsung galaxy S8 would be a better buy.

Display and Speakers

Apple added True Tone tech to the iPhone 8 and the true tone just adds to the colour accuracy of the phone. True tone measures the ambient light with sensors and adjust the colour temperature on the fly.The 8’s speakers have also been upgraded so the earpiece gets really loud and acts as a second speaker, overall the sound system is 25% louder than the iPhone 7. Apple’s bluetooth range increased but there is still no headphone jack which is really disappointing.


The glass back allows for wireless charging which isn’t a completely new idea since the S8 also has the same function. The Mophie pads that apple sells is currently very slow but the same is to be said with the samsung Qi pad. This newish feature will be quite useful for night time charging but is difficult to use since you can’t pick up your phone whilst charging. If you want wireless charging in your car the new prius may be for you but until we see a portable wireless charging pads I’m afraid we have to carry wires around.


Overall in terms of the phone it seems very similar to the iPhone 6 however with the upgrades and the addition of IOS 11 the iPhone 8 could be the story of an underdog success.

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