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iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8?

Gone are the days of Samsung users gloating about their waterproof, sleek smartphones – Apple is back with the iPhone X, and it seems they’ve gathered all their previous faults from the 7 and excelled, but is this the case?


Design – iPhone X

It’s no secret that the X looks incredibly similar to the S8, with the X now including wireless charging. But the X has stereo speakers compared to the S8’s single speaker fitted on the bottom edge. Good news to some, the S8 still holds a headphone jack, microSD expansion slot and a fingerprint reader, which Apple cut due to its new Face ID feature. Lastly, with iPhone users happy to hear, both phones are similarly waterproof, aside from the extra 0.5m deep water the S8 can sit in for 30 minutes.

Performance – iPhone X

While the S8 does have a flashy new ‘DeX’ dock, which when connected to a monitor, provides you with a desktop experience powered by your S8. Arguably more usable in daily life, however, Apple has swooped in with its Face ID, facial recognition by 3D mapping a user’s face with extra-added depth to make sure it doesn’t miss a thing!

Camera – iPhone X

Samsung has a slightly faster aperture and bigger pixels to help let in more light, but the X adds a second lens to this, bringing with it a 2x optical zoom helped by optical image stabilisation.

Battery life

The X see’s Apple’s biggest battery yet, 2716 mAh, only just a bit smaller than the S8’s 3000 mAh battery – known for being less power efficient than Apple in the past. Apple has also finally come out with fast-wired and wireless charging, BUT this does cost £69 for the fast charger and cable. This is free for Samsung however, charging at up to 18W while the X is limited to 5W until 2018. However, the fast charger can be bought from compatible cheaper alternatives not restricted to Apple.

Display – S8

The S8 has a higher resolution and higher brightness, although the X does react to environmental light to display accurate colour light.

Price – S8

Galaxy S8, 64GB: £629 (includes the fast charger and £90 pair of AKG wired headphones)

iPhone X, 64GB: £999 (plus the £69 fast charger and cable)

The rest is up to you! One thing is for sure; we hope that Samsung doesn’t stop making their hilarious adverts against Apple. If you haven’t seen their latest one, watch the video below.

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