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Is ‘enough’, enough to empower your ambitions?

Opportunities are around every corner, but are you pulling the strings the right way?

College, you’re supposed to take the opportunity and use it wisely. University, you need to work to get your degree. Apprenticeship? You’re sailing the wrong shore…? Or so, our society tells us we have to do things this particular way, that this is the ‘right way’.

We all have ambitions, with different methods to achieve them and different goals we can set to reach the end priority. But is it ok to simply limit our abilities to the education system? Could writers be writers without practicing the art of their writing outside of their education, could an artist be an artist without having any recognition for their art work or could a doctor become a doctor without the real, intimate experience of issues they could deal with during their lifetime career?

The answer is no.

If you want to be someone and want the platform with the spotlight shinning on you, you need to be the one to switch on that light and a light bulb doesn’t work alone, it uses electricity to light it up. What is your electricity? What could you use to invest into something which could only have a greater outcome? It is ok for education to be your safe haven now but it won’t be there forever.

So, is ‘enough’ essentially enough to empower your ambitions? Or could you do more? Could you get involved in things aside from your education to help you secure your future?

Opportunities knock on every door. So, if you like art, join a local art club or get involved in a local art project. Are you a writer? Try out some poetry or enter some writing competitions with some pieces you may have already composed. Interested in journalism? Join us here at Xplode. Looking to go into a STEM career? The internet is at the tip of your fingers, search the wide variety of skilled opportunities out there, not just for STEM careers but whatever it is you may be interested in.

The world is your oyster.

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