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Is yoga really worth it?

Today is International Day of Yoga. I have to admit before I started yoga, I was extremely sceptical. I pictured me sat, meditating in a park at 5 in the morning. And yes I now realise I was very wrong. Yoga has become the first thing I do in the morning. Whether it’s a two-minute stretch or a 20-minute workout, yoga wakes you up and prepares you for the day ahead. If you’re thinking about giving it a go or have a minute spare, here are a few reasons why it’s really worth it.

  1. Improves your flexibility and builds muscle strength.
  2. Improves your health. It boosts your immunity, increases blood flow and betters your bone health. It’s basically a miracle medicine.
  3. Makes you happier. When feeling sad, sitting in a quick lotus pose or a backbend has been proven to improve your mood. It also can help you to focus and enhance your mental health, all in one.

If you’re like me and didn’t want to be sitting in a park field or a sweaty, over-priced gym room, here are some ways that you can try this in your own home.

Most yoga apps are free, with small in-app purchases and youtube is full of yoga workout videos of all lengths. Here are a few I’ve tried and recommend.

Yoga Studio

It contains nearly 100 videos of different lengths and abilities. It also allows you to make your own custom classes.

Global Yoga Academy

A great app to teach you different individual poses and the benefits of them all.

Asana Rebel

This is the one I use most often. It is a fitness app that’s inspired by yoga poses, so no boring slow stretches and everything keeps you on the move. It has different collections, workouts and customs a workout to your own interest as well.

So if whether yoga is your cup of tea or not, today is International Day of Yoga, so give it a go!

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