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Xplode Magazine is Britain’s only magazine run entirely by and for young people. We publish the most interesting showbiz gossip, the teen take on life and the most talked about stories happening around us. We get you published from working with you and coming up with ideas, to getting your piece read by tens of thousands of people. Interested? Click here to join or read on!

35,000 readers in print and online

Xplode Magazine is great to put on your CV. It got me an unconditional offer at university.Mithun Kerai, Managing Director

Since I joined Xplode, I’ve had lots of opportunities. I’ve even been to London to deliver training!Robert Hurst, former Journalist

I love going to the cinema and watching new films for free and then writing about them!Aliaa Toorawa, Journalist

I’ve made lots of new friends and I love it when we go out on our monthly socials!Sophie Brown, Showbiz Editor

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What we can do for you


We have incredible training and support to prepare you for the working world. We’ll teach you valuable life skills like writing, self-confidence, and meeting new people.

We’ve got lots of training events, fun socials and lots more.

So, Are you in? Click here to join

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