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My Absolute July Favourites…

My Absolute July Favourites…

We’re coming to the end of July (only 23 weeks until Christmas!!! omg) and there are so many products, outfits and books that I adore already! Whether my favourites being a drink or a bite to eat or even a makeup brand. You name it, I probably loved it. So, I decided to photograph my July Favourites and pop them within my article as I think it adds an additional taste to this month’s favourites. I’ve had many but I want to share a few… hope you enjoy!

1st Favourite of the month:

I love reading, I mean summer is the perfect opportunity to sit outside with a cold drink and get lost in a new book (as long as the weather is actuallly okay). Everything Everything the new major motion picture – is by far a great read – the complicatedness of love and how life can be different trapped inside a home and not having the opportunity to explore the world, wow– it is definitely a good read! Another book I really loved reading, was Flawed by Cecilia Ahern – a society made for only the perfect and you risk the chance of being branded flawed – the world of black and white and logic – I really recommend this book – or any of Cecilia’s. She is amazing…

2nd Favourite of the month:

The new Naked Heat Warm Pallete by Urban Decay, oh my goodness *insert heart-eyed emoji*. I’ve never loved a makeup product as much as I love this. The colours and the packaging are more than what I expected. For the first time in a long time, I got lucky. At the airport they only had two left and they’re sold out everywhere on the high-street! I even got the discount so getting it for £32.90 makes me really happy! Just look at the beauty – the pigmentation is amazing as well, I didn’t like Urban Decay a while back because I didn’t see the point in spending money on the palette for little product on the brush – but this is amazingggg!

3rd Favourite of the month:

My new obsession from this month are Cacti. I don’t know I just love the way they look in any setting. I must admit I’m loving them more now than I used to. A while back I went through a stage where my walls were full of posters and my room was a typical girls room but now I love them and the modernity and simplicity of my room!! It’s weird how style can simply change over time. From being something you wouldn’t take into account to something you really enjoy, I love organisation too! But also look at this cute pen I picked up from Tenerife, omg I can’t wait for college to start again!

4th Favourite of the month:

Oh my goodness! I’m so obsessed with quotes; I know that’s a bit of a weird statement ha-ha. But recently I’ve loved inspirational quotes. Just seeing one either makes me determined to smash the day or it makes me instantly happy! The one I’m loving at the moment which is printed on my new tote bag is ‘A different world cannot be created by indifferent people’ I love this because it just shouts, be different.

5th Favourite of the month:

I’ve been loving the theme in my bedroom at the moment, on my ceiling I have hung a tapestry (I couldn’t find the exact one I bought) I think it brings all of my room together matched with the wardrobe rail against my wall… my room is now a place I spend a lot more time in, which is a win win situation.

I really hope you enjoyed, if you have any favourites from last month let me know in the comments below… I’d love to try out a few.

Love C x




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