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A Level Results Day

A Level results day is nearly here! This guide should hopefully prepare you for what to do next if you’re planning on going to university, no matter what the outcome.

You’ve got your grades.

So, you worked your socks off and got the grades you need to go to your firm choice, well done! All that’s left to do is celebrate and start packing for university!

You did better than expected. 

You’ve opened your results, and you’ve done so much better than you thought you would. If your grades are higher than those needed to get into your firm choice and you now no longer want to go there; you can use UCAS Adjustment to look for other places and apply.

You’ve decided university isn’t for you.

There are lots of alternatives to university, such as apprenticeships, traineeships, gap years and much more. Make sure you do some research though and don’t jump into something too quickly!

You didn’t get the grades you need.

If you didn’t get the grades you need for your firm and insurance choices, it’s a good idea to ring the universities directly and speak to them about your options as they might still consider you. If your choices are not considering you, then it might be a good idea to go through Clearing to look for places elsewhere.

You’ve decided against your course/university.

You’ve had a change of heart and decided you want to go to another university or do a different course. If you go through Clearing, you’ll be able to see what courses are available at other universities.

You’ve decided to take a year out.

So, you’re not quite ready for student life and want to take a year out. Most universities will allow you to defer your place, so you can start to study in the following September.

What is Clearing? 

Clearing connects students without an offer, to universities with spaces left on their courses. Clearing is open over summer and into October. However, most universities don’t advertise spaces until results day. You’re able to go through Clearing if your UCAS Track states that “Clearing has started”.

Xplode’s Top Tips!

  • Make sure you’re free on results day. If you got the grades you need, then you can go and celebrate. If not, having the day free will allow you to get everything sorted!
  • Have your UCAS Track login details ready.
  • Find out how you get your exam results, whether it’s online or whether you need to go to college and collect them in person.

Finally, good luck!

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