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10 Things You Learn Your First Time In London

This week, us at Xplode visited London to do some general tourist-y activities.

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As a first timer in London, I learned a few things about the city that I didn’t expect, and they go as follows:

1. The London eye isn’t actually THAT big.

At 135m, you’d think it would be overwhelming, but really it’s not as huge as it’s made out to be. It does look nice at night, though!


2. Packing heavy is NEVER a good idea.
Not unless you want a dead arm for 3 days, anyway!

3. There are so many different cultures.
Everyone knows that London is a huge tourist attraction, but I didn’t realise how true that was until I was actually there – I came across Spaniards, Italians, Americans, Australians, but…

4. There are basically no Northeners.
Why!? Did we all just decide to never venture to the South??

5. The place is SO bright.
Up North it’s rare that you come across a bright building, but in London they’re all over the place. Look at this pink shop I passed, for example.


6. Never, ever stand on the left of an escalator.
On the underground (or anywhere in London, really) you have to stand on the right of escalators so that people in a hurry can get past – I forgot this about 6 times and ended up getting in the way of QUITE a few people (sorry!)

7. The traffic is far worse than the North…

8. But much more often.
It sort of balances out.

9. Speaking of traffic, it’s best if you never attempt to take a panorama of it.
Or this happens…

10. Westfield Stratford shopping centre is amazing.
It’s basically the equivalent of an American mall – every girl’s dream, basically!

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