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What Meal Deal Should You Have For Lunch Today?

2018 has bought many changes… perhaps in your health, hobbies or even in your meal deal choice. One of the main reasons for getting a meal deal is for its value for money – so which of these is best?

Tesco £3

Historically, they’ve had all the basics, but little variety. Although apparently, this is set to change since they have recently introduced artisan breads like sourdough and more avocado, in line with increasing trends of vegetarianism. As well as this, they’ve expanded their treats, away from the average mars bar to salted caramel tarts. Who knows what they’ll do next?

Sainsbury’s £3

This was once a classic, including a selection of sandwiches and salads, a treat of your choice (chocolate, crisps, yoghurt) and a drink (even cold coffee). But, this year they have removed premium items including their ‘Taste the Difference’ selection. We should have seen this coming since last year they first removed the built-in forks from their pasta pots, only to remove the pasta pots from the deal a month later. Now it seems they’ve regressed into a Tesco’s 2016 meal deal.

Boots £3.29

If you’re feeling like treating yourself, Boots is the one. Again, with a great range of courses you’re guaranteed to find a main between the classic sandwich, burritos, wraps, not to mention the snacks – popcorn, nakd nibbles, a boiled egg…

Morrisons £3

Personally, I think this one is a hidden gem – which is why only those of you who make it to the end of this article will gain this valuable insight. Morrisons seems to have learnt from Sainsbury’s mistakes and taken a page out of Boots’ menu as it has included its premium ‘The Best’ range in the meal deal selection as well as food from its ‘Around the World’ series – totalling 370 different item choices for your lunch! We’re talking katsu chicken pouches, sushi or their salad bar selection, an array of treats AND an extensive choice of beverages, which includes innocent smoothies and even a fresh, fair-trade hot coffee selection to keep you toasty this Winter.

Now you know the options, go out there and get the best lunch combo £3 can afford!

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