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Does Money Give You Happiness?

Does money give you happiness?

Many people think having money brings you all the happiness in the world, just because you have enough money to buy everything you desire. The truth is money does bring you happiness but for how long ? You’re always buying the things you want which increase your happiness right? What about the people and things besides money that make you happy? These things we buy come and go but we cannot buy happiness.

Happiness can be described as the ‘the quality or state of being happy’. Money is needed to survive, it helps us achieve our goals, but it’s not our motive to live. The people surrounding us are the ones who motivate us to live, the ones who you treasure special moments with. People who will not judge you for what you are, but accept you for who you are.

Some people may argue with the fact money is the main key to happiness, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Doesn’t this make us realise that there are people who are going through poverty- are they satisfied with their life? Who knows? We see the poor who are happy despite the fact they are going through a tough time. Maybe we should all take a minute to appreciate the fact we have a shelter, a family, whereas others are alone.

Why look at the people who are above us? Look at the fact we are our own person, and if we want all the luxuries, we must be determined to achieve our goals but also think about the effect it may have on us, or, the people surrounding you who make you happy.

What do you think, does money give you happiness or the people and things surrounding you?


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Alisha Zahid.

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