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The places you MUST visit: Amsterdam…

The main canal

The places you MUST visit: Amsterdam…

I have such major bad holiday blues. To the point where I will look back at all my pictures of Amsterdam, re-read all the places I want to go out of my book and look online at places I wish I was currently at. Am I the only one who does this?

These last few months have been busy – summer has definitely been a good one. But I’m currently craving another get away – I’m a girl with a travel bug! So basically, I’m in one of those mind frames where I want to be back in Amsterdam. This leads to this lovely article – the best places to go in Amsterdam! I’m obsessed with new places that’s a no brainer but Amsterdam literally went over my expectations – the Anne Frank Huis (wow). Happiness + Amsterdam, Amsterdam + Happiness = heaven.

Don’t get me wrong I was SO excited, beyond excited, to take on such an adventure without my parents and travel to this beautiful city, but I have to admit, I was equally excited to look around and explore the many places they had on offer… even the food!

It’s quite funny as my time always seems to revolve around going and seeing new places… It was an amazing experience so I obviously, just had to share a few of my favourite places with you!

The Anne Frank Huis:

So obviously, we gotta start with one of the most popular places in Amsterdam, right? The Anne Frank Huis really over tops the way I thought I was going to feel – it was inspirational. To see the place, the family of Anne Frank hid is a lifetime opportunity – by far. It was really built up and even though the wait was a while, maybe like 2 hours the most if you didn’t order tickets online (I suggest doing this a few months in advance), it is still definitely worth the wait.

This place has made me have a whole new love for history AND an intriguing passion to learn more into the way some Jewish people survived.

The Van Gogh Museum:

If you love art this is for you! It’s a cheap entrance fee and you get a little ear piece so you can have a wonder and explore all the beautiful artwork. This is another place I’d recommend going if its your first time as a tourist – it just calls Amsterdam and all its wonders. If you’re looking for a spot of shopping (souvenirs) – the mini artwork in here is extraordinary.

The only little problem I found was that they didn’t have Starry Night, which to me is the best artwork Van Gogh produced *insert heart-eyed emoji*


I’m pretty sure in my previous article I mentioned this BEAUTiful park. Its by far one of my fave places in Amsterdam because its just a lovely open space where you can relax, eat an amazing hotdog!! Even hire a traditional Amsterdam bike. To me it’s the perfect destination for a day out with houses and restaurants surrounding the edges.

This place has made me have a whole new love for the outdoors AND the park even has an aesthetically pleasing love lock bridge. Which of course I bobbed my own up so when I visit again, it will hopefully still be there.


The Hard Rock cafe:

Okay so, after all that walking around (and exploring), we decided to treat ourselves to a slice of cake from a side bakery in Dam Square – it was something else – especially the coconut macaroons. But you might fancy a ‘lil something something later on …. Well say hello to the COOLEST restaurant ever. The food from the Hard Rock café tasted amazing!! Everything from the garlic and herb fries, to the burgers (which are HUGE) to the lovely wraps that are delish! So yea, you can tell I loved it – it was something else. Wherever I go I always like to collect a hard rock souvenir so this time it was a hoodie of course. BUT FOOD. HELLO.

Okay, so we’ve got history, art, greenery AND dinner sorted, but what about the Fault in our Stars!? I’ve gotta tell you about two places which are AMAZING… Firstly the bench! Here you can find a whole lot of comments that relate to the book and also, so so many locks…I fan-girled just a little bit too much. I also have to mention Peter Van Houten’s house which is the one they actually visited in the film. The little things are perfect for when doing ALL the walking around the city!

Okay so I hope you enjoyed this little chunk of where I went. I’m seriously feeling the blues and hope to be going away soon.

I hope all your results went okay for A-levels and also GCSE next week – YOU got this!

Love, C x

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