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Are the poets of Instagram overstepping the platform’s originality?

Are the poets of Instagram overstepping the platform’s originality?


The place for sharing moments.

Art and beauty captured as a priceless image but where does poetry take its fall on this platform?

Some people refer to poetry as not just a form of writing but a very valued art form. This could be argued to be a modern-day abstract concept as poetry seems to be taken as something you would study in English lessons. Though, I can promise you that this poetry is more bearable than that; this poetry is powerful, and it’s taking over your world day by day without you even knowing.

So how on earth does it do that?


Rhythm and poetry. Not typically painted all across Instagram but a great example to use. We all listen to a bit of rap now and, then right? The likes of Eminem, maybe even more close to home rap artists like Lowkey.  Without or with the ‘rhythm’ or music as you preferably call it, it is still an everyday valued form of poetry which we may not have ever considered. The words reach out to us through the form of music. Though, on an everyday visited platform like Instagram, poetry in the form of small quotation posts on your timeline cry out to give your eyes and whole self a feel for emotion. And you can’t take your eyes away from it once you read one post, that is the power of poetry.

Rupi Kaur.

The famous Author and Poetess with the award-winning novel ‘Milk and Honey’ is an Instagram inspiration. Significantly, she reigns the title of Poetess of Instagram. Her words have gained up to around 1.8 million followers, which we will surely see rising as she continues to sweep us off our feet. Her posts also consist of a merger of illustrated art, another feature you would tend to see on these potentially creative poetry pages. But is it more successful merged with illustrated art? Or is poetry alone enough to ease the creativity through a clasp of words?

The fashion ridden, model heaven platform has become an uprising poetry networking site and I’m beginning to think that I like it much more, what is your take on this?

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