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Productive Ways to Procrastinate

From one fellow procrastinator to another, I am going to let you in on some of my top tips on how to put the ‘pro’ in procrastination.

Watch the first episode of that new Netflix show everybody has been talking about. You knew you were going to check it out at some point so why not now?


Have multiple screens open at the same time if you are working at a computer. Whilst working, you can simultaneously scroll through Twitter until your heart’s content. Every so often you may even feel the desire to glance towards the preferable side and eventually start working on what you initially planned.

Get all of your stationary out and decorate the front of your revision notepad, for example, drawing different body parts on your biology book.

Want to know two more ways to productively procrastinate? Check out this article in the latest copy of Xplode Magazine!

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