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Relieve Exam Stress with Xplode’s Top Tips!

Exams can be stressful sometimes, so it’s important that we look after ourselves, whether it’s taking a relaxing bubble bath or going for a walk in the park.

Take time off

Sitting at a desk and revising for several hours straight isn’t always the best thing to do. It can cause us to feel drained and doesn’t give your brain the time it needs to process the information we have already learnt. If you don’t give your brain a break, it’ll try to process information through stress hormones. To combat this, you should try to revise for 90 minutes and have a 20-minute break between sessions.

Get an early night and avoid caffeine

Telling your mates that you’ve stayed up all night revising might make you feel good, but you’re more likely to be get exhausted! It’s recommended that we get between 6-8 hours of sleep per night but some researchers argue that you should have around 10 hours per night (yes please!). The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep can reduce headaches and increase motivation. Caffeine can also influence your sleeping pattern – if you’re a keen coffee drinker, try and avoid it four hours before going to sleep, or maybe try a Green Tea if you need your caffeine fix!

A change of scenery

Staying in the same place all day to revise can be boring. According to a recent study, at least an hour of physical activity per day is recommended so in between revision sessions; venture outside to a quiet, relaxing place, and the fresh air and change in scenery can really help combat any stress and give you a must needed break.

Talk to someone

No matter how many times you say to yourself you can cope alone, really nobody can. It’s good to speak and ask for help and advice. Rather than bottling up all your fears and worries inside, tell someone – a friend, your family, even a teacher. Talking means that you can clear your mind of any stress or worry and we have so much pressure to do well and get the best grades but our mental health is very important, too!

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