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Social Media: The Damaging Effects

I’m sure that every young person can agree that social media is something that we all use and love; we can share pictures and follow our favourite celebs and friends. However, at times, social media can be too much for us to handle, feeling that we must constantly update our twitter with new, fresh tweets and post perfect selfies on Instagram and Snapchat, so we can get plenty of likes and comments from our friends, just like celebrities do.

But sometimes, those likes and comments do not happen. This can cause young people to question their popularity or even their appearance, which sadly, can lead to many mental health issues, such as depression. It can also cause social media anxiety, which is when you feel the need to constantly post and update your social media, with the belief that if you don’t, then your popularity will quickly decrease.

This can happen because young people become fixated on the idea of needing to have countless likes and comments from each one of their friends in order to get that perfect-life, which everyone seemingly has. As unreal as it sounds, this is unfortunately, an increasing problem occurring within many young people. Some believe that the perfect online life, that everyone seemingly has, involves plenty of followers and likes on every single post, and if they do not achieve this, then they are “unpopular” and “boring”.

How to solve this?

If you feel that you may be affected by the issues mentioned, here are a few tips to help curb your problem.

Although it may seem like the end of the world, taking a break off of social media can certainly benefit you. Taking a break away from a bright light forever shining into your eyes has many physical health benefits as well.

Remember that everything that you see online isn’t always true. Half of the amazing Snapchat stories that you see from your favourite celebrities are very exaggerated to make it look like they have the ideal life. There’s no need to worry if you do not reflect this.

If you feel that the problem is very severe, then try to talk to someone that you trust about these issues. Remember, it is perfectly normal to use social media; it is, of course, a fun and must-have app for many of us, however using it in moderation is best, as long as you keep in mind that real life is better than an online existence.

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